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Electric supply disconnection and reconnection

Do you have a property in spain? Do you live in spain?  Are you experiencing problems with your electricity and Endesa?

If the answer is YES then please read on...


electricity supply cut offShould you have been misfortunate enough to have had your electricity supply cut off please read the following.

The reasons for being cut off are usually perfectly normal. Perhaps you forgot to pay the bill. Perhaps your tenant did. Perhaps you didn't have enough money in the bank to cover your monthly bill & so the bank returned the payment request to Endesa.


How many of you have long complained regarding the debits taken out of your bank account by Endesa. How many of you never receive an electricity bill (factura). How many of you have tried to access the Endesa website only to find its initial pages are only in Spanish. And how many of you have spent hours on the Endesa phone system trying to do something about it only to be told no-one speaks English and to call back and try again on another day.

Nightmare isn't it!

The disconnection process.

Unlike in the UK or Ireland, where your electricity supplier will send you several payment reminders, In Spain you don't get a second chance. If your electricity bill goes unpaid you will be sent a letter asking for payment & at the same time specifying a 'cut off' date. If the arrears have not been paid by this date you will be disconnected from the supply.

As most of you will know the postal service in Spain is very unreliable. People regularly complain about not receiving any post. So just because you don't actually receive the Endesa letter it certainly doesn't mean it was never sent. And the fact you haven't received it is not Endesa's problem... it'll be yours.

After Endesa send this letter you will then be given approx 20 days to pay up upon which time you will then be permanently disconnected from the system. Endesa will send an engineer to your property & remove the mains supply & contador (electricity meter).

There are no laws or government guidelines here. The courts aren't interested. Basically, If you fail to pay your monthly bill you will get cut off. It's that simple.

And once this happens you will now need a new contract.

Should you have any questions you can contact us on the following numbers:

0034 952 961 108  /  0034 669 070 011  /  0044 (0)1923 608555 (this is a UK line that comes through directly to our Spanish Office). This is a standard rate call for anyone calling from the UK) Or email us on info@bselectrical.eu or sean@bselectrical.eu

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