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Other Services


Due to an increased demand in our services we are now able to offer our services in not only paying your bills and dealing with your everyday issues at Endesa but now we are able to assist with all your other household Utility Bills as follows...

Other than the electric costs the other standard running costs of your Spanish property are:

  • Water fees
  • Rubbish Collection taxes
  • Community Fees
  • Local Property taxes (known as IBI)
  • Telephone
  • Gas


  • We can manage all of these for you. We can pay any outstanding bills for you and if necessary get you reconnected should you have had the misfortune of being cut off. Depending on circumstances this may involve setting you up a new contract. We can set you up with a Direct Debit from your existing Bank account so regular payments are made. If you do not have a Bank account we can help you arrange one without the need to come to Spain and attend the bank in person.
  • Our standard fee for reconnections and new contracts with the Water Companies is FROM a one of payment of 75,00 € (seventy five) depending on company and area.
  • Our standard fee for paying outstanding utility bills, providing the bills have the correct information is from 35,00 € (thirty five).
  • We can make visits to local town halls and tax offices. Charges apply depending on locations.


  • Local Property Tax (I.B.I.) and Rubbish Collection Bills.
  • Both of these are paid on an annual basis. Bills will be sent to your property by the local authority.
  • These bills are normally set up when the property is purchased. However on occasions this can be overlooked leaving the property free to run up outstanding bills which will at some point will need paying. As long as they remain unpaid they will be collecting costly interest fees for non payment.
  • We can obtain and pay your outstanding amounts and also if necessary assist in setting up a Direct Debit to prevent this happening again.


  • The main Water companies along the coast and in Andalucia are:
  • ACOSOL www.acosol.es
  • EMABESA www.emabesa.es
  • AGUAGEST www.aguagest.es
  • GESTAGUA www.gestagua.es
  • The payment is either bi-monthly or quarterly basis. Non payment of bills which eventually lead to you being cut off (in the same way the electric companies will cut you off)

Community Charges

  • Properties that are in a Community will have community charges. These are usually paid quarterly. Community charges will be for the up keep of the community and including communal electricity and water charges, repairs and maintenance to the Complex, security and gardening fees, swimming pool costs etc etc. If you fall behind with these payments Communities can prevent you from using the Complex amenities (such as the pool) and you will be prevented from attending/voting on important issues at annual community meetings. A with all of the supply companies the community have the power to take you to court for non payment of community fees.

Telephone / Internet

  • The main supplier of telephone lines and the internet in Spain is Telefonica. However, there are several other companies offering good deals.
  • www.telefonica.es OR www.movistar.es
  • Arranging new landlines and internet can be time consuming. Depending on your location time frames for new lines and new connections can be as little as a couple of weeks and can be as much as several months. It is advisable to make the application for a new line as soon as possible. We can of course assist in this process.

Should you require help in any matter that is not listed above please feel free to inquire on the usual numbers and we will be happy to assist.

Should you have any questions you can contact us on the following numbers:

0034 952 961 108  /  0034 669 070 011  /  0044 (0)1923 608555 (this is a UK line that comes through directly to our Spanish Office). This is a standard rate call for anyone calling from the UK) Or email us on info@bselectrical.eu or sean@bselectrical.eu

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